1. FIC: Four Man Huddle


    Title: Four Man Huddle

    Author:  suitesamba

    Bingo Card Number: 1

    Trope: Huddle for Warmth

    Summary: Sherlock and Lestrade are trapped in a building together. Injured and waiting for rescue, they huddle together for warmth. They each have a big secret, but secrets don’t stay hidden under circumstances such as these.

    Rating: M (for language)

    Pairing: Sherlock/John, Mycroft/Lestrade

    Genre: angst, hurt/comfort, a bit of humor

    Length: 2981 words

    Warnings: None

    Author Notes: Trying for a second Bingo on Card 1. Same characters as the previous series but a slightly different world in which John/Sherlock and Mycroft/Lestrade are keeping their relationships secret.

    Links: Read on AO3

    “John showers for eight minutes with little variation,” he said at the four and a half hour mark – eight thirty, then. “He has been known to use my soap.”

    “That’s nice,” Lestrade said. He patted Sherlock’s shoulder. “Go back to sleep.”

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  2. alexisriversong said: I'm writing the fics for the challenge and I was wondering what does Trope mean... I have no idea what should I write there...

    A trope is a pattern in fiction!

    TvTropes.org gives a pretty long list of all the tropes of almost everything in almost everything ever.

    The fandom trope bingo challenge asks people to try and write fics that contain the patterns listed on the card.


  3. Let’s Write Sherlock, Challenge 15


    Title: Holes In Space

    Author: Hekate1308

    Bingo Card Number: 1

    Trope: Space: AU

    Summary: Sherlock Holmes hadn’t continuously stayed on Earth for more than a few days in the last five years.

    Rating: G

    Pairing: None

    Genre: Sci-Fi/Frienship

    Length: 3053 words

    Warnings: None

    Author Notes: Bingo!

    Links: ff.net AO3

  4. Let’s Write Sherlock, Challenge 15


    Title: Mine Eyes Admire, Mine Heart Adores

    Author: RR_Duscan

    Bingo Card Number: 1

    Trope: Rather than produce five individual fics, I’ve opted to dedicate each chapter of this story to a particular trope.

    Chapter 1: Teen!Fic
    Chapter 2: AU: Sports
    Chapter 3: Minor Character Focussed (Sebastian Moran)
    Chapter 4: Handcuffed/ Tied Together
    Chapter 5: Author’s Choice

    Summary: The Reverend John H. Watson leads a contented life as Chaplain and Games Master at the prestigious Harrow School. But all is thrown into turmoil when he encounters a troubled student by the name of Sherlock Holmes.

    Rating: E

    Pairing: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes

    Genre: Romance/Mystery

    Length: 9906 words

    Warnings: Descriptions of bullying and homophobic language, references to drug use. Additional info. in tags.

    Links: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2092074/chapters/4554690

  5. Let’s Write Sherlock, Challenge 15


    Title: Memories Revisited

    Author: Hekate1308

    Bingo Card Number: 1

    Trope: De-Aging

    Summary: When Anthea called him, Sherlock’s first thought was that his brother was dead.

    Rating: G

    Pairing: None

    Genre: Family/Friendship

    Length: 2655 words

    Warnings: None

    Links: ff.net AO3

  6. LWS Trope Bingo - Kissing in the Rain (BINGO!!)


    Title:  A Sort of Drought

    Author: YayCoffee

    Bingo Card Number: 1

    Trope: Kissing in the Rain

    Summary: Sherlock doesn’t see how kissing in the rain could be anything other than unpleasant. But, he’s not a very smart genius.

    Rating: T

    Pairing: Sherlock/John

    Genre: romance, fluff, schmoop (like, squirmy puppies with round bellies and kittens made from pink marshmallows—this is the level of schmoop I’m talking about here ;-)), maybe a little humor

    Length: 3,858

    Warnings: none… other than, you know, CAVITIES from all the fluff.

    Author Notes: So many thanks to youngdarling for looking this over and helping me make it better. 

    Also—this makes a BINGO!!  I did five in a row :-)  *\o/*

    Links: at AO3

  7. thursjournal:

    Title: The Sound of a New Violin

    Author: thursjouranl

    Bingo Card Number:4

    Trope: clones

    Summary: John thinks the clones are his least favorite of Sherlock’s experiments, but they might just have something important to teach him.

    Rating: E

    Pairing: Sherlock/John

    Genre: none

    Length: 3,000

    Warnings: none

    Author Notes: huge thanks to caitlinispiningforjohnlock for the beta and cheerleading, and thanks to thunder-lock for listening to my crazy idea and encouraging me to write it in the first place.

  8. Let’s Write Sherlock, Challenge 15


    Title: How To Execute A Plan

    Author: Hekate1308

    Bingo Card Number: 1

    Trope: Minor Character Focused

    Summary: She knew Sherlock Holmes had never really loved her. Which, really, was a good thing because she had never really loved him too. Janine character piece.

    Rating: G

    Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/Janine John Watson/Mary Morstan

    Genre: General

    Length: 2076 words

    Warnings: None

    Links: ff.net AO3

  9. georgyannwayson:

    Title: It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

    Author: GeorgyannWayson

    Bingo Card Number: 3

    Trope: Huddling for Warmth

    Summary: Sherlock’s always been able to depend on his best friend and childhood pet to be there for him. As Redbeard nears the end of his life, the entire Holmes family realizes just how hard it is to say goodbye.

    Rating: K+ on FFnet, G on AO3

    Pairing: just Mummy and Daddy Holmes

    Genre: Family/Hurt/Comfort

    Length: 3,650 words

    Warnings: This fic deals with the sensitive issues that come with losing a beloved pet. No death scenes are depicted.

    Author Notes: This one-shot is a part of my AU universe that I have created for the Holmes family. The trope is loosely interpreted, but still there!

    Links: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10650390/1/It-s-Hard-to-Say-Goodbye (FFnet)

    http://archiveofourown.org/works/2209218 (AO3)

  10. FIC: And Then There Were Four


    Title: And Then There Were Four

    Author:  suitesamba

    Bingo Card Number: 1

    Trope: Retirement

    Summary: Sherlock and John are retired in Sussex, but then again, so are Mycroft and Lestrade.

    Rating: M

    Pairing: Sherlock/John, Mycroft/Lestrade

    Genre: romance, humor, angst, a bit of h/c

    Length: 2054 words

    Warnings: discussion of serious disease

    Author Notes: In the same world as CuffedAnything for Science, How to Avoid Cannibals, Piranhas and the Cold and Two Goldfish in a Bowl.

    Links: Read on AO3

    And this completes a BINGO on Card 1.

    “He had other strengths,” Sherlock said distractedly as he loosened a rack from the frame. “He’s remarkably good at fellatio.”

    “For God’s sake, Sherlock, he’s sixty-eight and has had two knee replacements.”

    (story below the cut)

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