1. urbanhymnal:

    Title: A Fair Test

    Author: UrbanHymnal

    Bingo Card Number: 3

    Trope: Teen!fic

    Summary: Every experiment has its variable. 

    Rating: T

    Pairing: Sherlock/John

    Genre: Angst, Romance, Fluff

    Length: 7,376 words

    Warnings: Deals with John’s anger issues and the topics of growing up in poverty and in the foster care system

    Link: AO3

  2. doctorbillyposts:

    Title: My heart is yours, always

    Author: DoctorBilly

    Bingo Card Number: 4

    Trope: AU: Space

    Summary: Sherlock is in command of a space exploration vessel. A new crew member brings him a gift.

    Rating: M

    Pairing: none

    Genre: SF

    Length: 861 words

    Warnings: Bereavement. Implied suicide

    Author Notes:

    Links: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2036721

  3. doctorbillyposts:

    Title: Hue and Cry

    Author: DoctorBilly

    Bingo Card Number: 4

    Trope: AU (historical)

    Summary: A curious mudlark meets a kindly parish constable.

    Rating: G


    Genre: crime

    Length: 1183 words

    Warnings: Death (mention), Suicide (mention)

    Author Notes:

    Links: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2031600

  4. doctorbillyposts:

    Title: Gin and tonic jelly

    Author: Doctor Billy

    Bingo Card Number: 4

    Trope: Under the influence

    Summary: Lestrade and Dimmock are drunk. Very drunk. Sally is amazing.

    Rating: M

    Pairing: none

    Genre: humour

    Length: 1450 words

    Warnings: alcohol, Vomit, Mention of claustrophobia

    Author Notes: (optional)

    Links: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2021784

  5. maps-with-stars said: Should the five fics be in the same universe? Like five chapters to one fic? Or just five fics in the same collection?

    You can do it either way, which ever works best for you! If you want to do five fics that are entirely separate and each take place in an entirely different universe, that’s fine. Or you can do one work with five chapters and all of it happens in the same universe. 


  6. cabintardlock said: I absolutely love this idea! So, if you do the "Writer's Choice" square, does that mean we do whatever you want, or do you pick another trope?

    Thanks! You can either pick a trope listed on the card or go with another trope that you are fond of! We didn’t include every last trope, so I am sure there are things that people would like to see. :)


  7. 19:03

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    cuttleflesh said: If we do the thing where we hit a bingo in one Fic, do we still have to write 4 more, or would one long Fic count?

    If you can manage it all in one fic, that’s fine! The spirit of the challenge is to do five fics, but we will reblog any fic that is done during the course of the challenge since we realize not everyone is able to do five separate fics in two months. So go for it! We look forward to seeing what you come up with. :)


  8. 19:00

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    Challenge 15: Trope Bingo!  How does one play Trope Bingo? Simple! Pick one of the cards above and attempt to write five fics from the card. Just like in regular bingo, the goal is to form a straight line, either diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. The middle square is a free space, so if you chose to use that space, you are allowed to write whatever you like! To take part in this challenge, you do not have to write all five fics, but we’d love to see everyone try to do so. Remember fics can be any length, so if you decide to write five 221b fics that still counts! 

    Because this challenge involves writing five total fics, the time period for this challenge will be longer than previous challenges. 

    As before, there are very few restrictions on what you can submit for this challenge, but here are some Guidelines (below the read more). 

    Read More

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    Fic-An-Album project - Graceland


    Project: Sherlock-Paul Simon mashup is well underway! So far, five of the eleven songs on Graceland have been claimed… which is a lot faster than I expected. But there’s still time to jump on board, if you’re interested! Just reblog and add your name next to the song 

    The track listing is below; you can see which songs have been claimed and which are still open. Lyrics for every song on the album are here (thanks to shinysherlock for the link) and a youtube playlist of the full album is here (each video has lyrics as well).

    also: if you aren’t interested in participating but you have followers who might be, please do me a solid and reblog for the signal boost - I think it would be really neat if to bring together writers who haven’t necessarily crossed paths before.


    I first posted about this a few weeks ago, suggesting that it could be fun to take a leaf out of redscudery's notebook and do another album-based fic collection, based on Paul Simon's album Graceland. A fair number of people expressed interest…  so let's do it!

    If you’re interested in participating, reblog and add your name. (If you’re not interested in participating but are kindly disposed toward the project, please reblog for the signal boost! I’d love it if this project ends up drawing contributions from a wide range of people.) If you can take a minute to go through the reblog history and add your name to the most current version of the list, that’s great… but I will reblog in any case in a few days, with everyone’s names filled in.

    track listing:

    1) The Boy in the Bubble - redscudery

    2) Graceland - onethousandhurrahs

    3) I Know What I Know - tiltedsyllogism

    4) Gumboots -

    5) Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes -

    6) You Can Call Me All -

    7) Under African Skies -

    8) Homeless - doctornerdington

    9) Crazy Love, vol. II - shinysherlock

    10) That Was Your Mother -

    11) All Around The World or The Myth of Fingerprints -

    I figure that we’ll set a tentative deadline of… I dunno, September 15th? It can be earlier or later, whatever works best for the participants.

    * I want to stake only a tentative claim to this song… I have a fairly well-formed idea for it, but I’m not especially attached to writing it, so if you really want the song, go ahead and claim it.

  10. johnsconsultingboyfriend:

    Title: Shared

    Author: constellationqueen

    Bingo Card Number: 4

    Trope: Soul Mates

    Summary: John Watson and Sherlock Holmes have absolutely nothing in common except for one small detail. They unknowingly share thoughts with one another.

    Rating: G

    Pairing: Johnlock

    Genre: I don’t think it really has one

    Length: 2,318

    Warnings: Implied Drug Use/Abuse/Addiction, Child Abuse 

    Author Notes: I’ve been writing this fic for a bit now, thanks to a prompt from charlypezza, but I just finished it today, thanks to seeing that it could be used in this challenge

    Links: AO3