1. alexisriversong:

    Title: The magic of love

    Author: alexisriversong

    Bingo Card Number: 3

    Trope: AU: Magic

    Summary: Basically how Sherlock and John became friends in their seventh year at Hogwarts…

    Rating: T

    Pairing: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes

    Genre: friendship/love

    Length: 2006 words

    Warnings: “none”

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  3. LWS Challenge 15: Trope Bingo


    Title:  Predictable -OR- The Dullest Thing One Could Possibly Do Upon Discovering Another Universe

    Author: Corbinian

    Bingo Card Number: 3

    Trope: Teen

    Summary: It’s Christmas, Sherlock is thirteen and Mycroft is hatefully boring.

    Rating: G

    Pairing: None

    Genre: Humor

    Length: 221b

    Warnings: None

    Author Notes: My first tumblry fic… Aaaaieeee!

    Links: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2303123

    When Christmas came to the Holmes household, Sherlock, as always, had too much time on his hands and nothing to do. The kitchen was strictly off limits due to excessive cooking and Mycroft had finally passed over the line from irritating to intolerable. The only things he wanted to do were tremendously boring.

    Except, of course, for one thing.

    At thirteen, Sherlock was no longer prone to flights of fancy. Hadn’t been for years now.

    Today he’d amused himself by attempting to steal one thing from his brother per hour. His record thus far was five in a row, and he was working towards a sixth when the blubbery clot stole away from their home around noon. He’d done this the past several days and Sherlock had first suspected that the prat was sneaking cigarettes, but there was more to it than that.

    The insufferable had oaf found his own, personal passage to another world. A wondrously impossible city of bridges and swordsmen and pirates.

    So, when Mycroft went, Sherlock followed. The problem, however, was this: he didn’t seek out adventure or investigate the myriad of subtle differences that simply had to exist between that world and this.


    When Mycroft had discovered another world, of course he found the dullest thing imaginable.

    Of course he’d decided to be a banker.

  4. rainelily:

    Title: Rekindle

    Author: RaineLilyVandal

    Bingo Card Number: 3

    Trope: An Old Flame

    Summary: They had met before, he remembered that face from anywhere. He had still been lower in the ranks, not quite the ‘British Government’ as his brother called him. And yet, here they were again.

    Rating: G

    Pairing: Mycroft/Lestrade

    Genre: Romance

    Length: 818 words

    Warnings: None

    Author Notes:

    Links: Rekindle

  5. 16:42 13th Sep 2014

    Notes: 1

    Tags: Anonymous

    Anonymous said: I'm working on one of my bingo squares, and it's the 'wingfic' one, and I had a question. If the two people with wings are kids and just kind of pretending they have wings and can fly, does that still count? They'll have wings, they just won't be real ones. It'll probably be cardboard wings. Does that still count?

    Sure! That’s a fun spin on the trope. Go for it. :)


  6. Challenge 15


    Title: A Long Walk Home

    Author: Sherlockian Dreams

    Bingo Card Number: 1

    Trope: Jealousy

    Summary: The night of John’s wedding, these are Sherlock’s thoughts as he walks through London alone.

    Rating: T

    Pairing: none

    Genre: angst

    Length: 1835 words

    Warnings: none

    Links: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10686734/1/A-Long-Walk-Home

  7. distantstarlight:

    Title: Semtex Vest

    Author: distantstarlight

    Bingo Card Number: LWS Trope Bingo Card 2

    Trope: Writer’s Choice

    Summary: The pool will always be a place John will never forget. The villain James Moriarty had taken him, used him ruthlessly as a pawn to toy with Sherlock Holmes for no better reason than he was bored. Sherlock was brilliant, a challenge for the madman but so tame by comparison.

    Rating: M

    Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson

    Genre: Action

    Length: 585 words

    Warnings: Surprise!

    Author Notes: Sometimes my mind wanders into strange places and the keyboard is very often near my hands.

  8. Fanfic: It Was Never Meant To Be


    Title: It Was Never Meant To Be

    Author: likeasociopath

    Bingo Card Number: 2

    Trope: Jealousy

    Summary: Maybe in another universe, they can be together.

    Rating: Explicit

    Pairing(s): Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper (unrequited love), Sherlock Holmes/John Watson

    Genre: Angst, Sexual Content, Molly-centric, Unrequited Love, Jealousy, Pining

    Length: 4022

    Warnings: None

    Author Notes: It’s quite sad. 

    Many thanks to my amazing beta Alicia and Kay for making this work readable :) 

    Links: Ao3

    Her mother once told her, that the heart knows what the mind doesn’t.

    She’d immediately dismissed it as a biologically invalid statement. The human heart and mind are two different things. The human heart has no cognitive function like the brain; it only works to pump blood throughout the body.

    Her mother had just given her a gentle smile, and told her that she would understand it when she got older.

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  9. maps-with-stars:

    Title: Bazooka

    Author: Spacegeography

    Trope: Teenfic

    Bingo Card: 3

    Summary: Sherlock knows he’s a freak. He plays it up - becomes a greaser. Then he meets John Watson, ruby playing square who can kiss like nobody’s business. Being different’s not so great when it means they have to sneak around, but one day the world will be different too. Or so John promises. 

    Rating: T

    Paring: Johnlock

    Genre: Romance and a hint of angst

    Length: 1000

    Warnings: none

  10. Fic(let): Five Times, At Baker Street (part 2: 1946)


    Title: Five Times, at Baker Street: 1946
    Author: tiltedsyllogism
    Bingo Card Number: 1
    Trope: teen!fic
    Summary: John and Sherlock, together in Baker Street. A series of snapshot-length historical AUs, and a 5+1 in 221b form.
    Rating: T
    Pairing: Sherlock Holmes and John Watson
    Length: 221 words
    Warnings: (warn for any possible triggers; if none, just put “none”.)
    Author Notes: written as a composite project for LWS Trope Bingo and summerlock (for blushingnewb, who asked for historical AUs and loves 221bs). This will go up in individual installations as I, erm, perfect them. *cough*

    The new boy wasn’t especially friendly – but neither was John, really, anymore. He’d had friends at his school in Brixton, before the war, and he’d done all right with the two other boys who’d been sent to stay with the Petersons in Surrey.  But returning to London had been hard, knowing his parents wouldn’t meet him at the train platform the way he’d spent two years imagining.  The other six residents at Mrs. Hudson’s Home for Boys shouted a lot, and sometimes smashed things.  John understood – he was angry, too – but he kept it locked down inside, behind a swall of politeness. He wanted his mum to be proud of him.

    This other boy seemed like John, like he went far away instead of yelling.  After a week of silent suppers side by side, he turned to John one evening and asked “can I have your pudding?”

    John frowned.  “Why should I give it to you?”

    “You don’t like sponge cake.  Or rather, you like <i>real</i> sponge, and though normally you’ll eat anything sweet, this pap is an affront to your memory the real thing.”

    John grinned. “I have got used to eating it, but you can have it all the same. That was amazing.”

    The boy smiled conspiratorially. “Come up to my bunk after? I’ve got a packet of biscuits.”

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